Who We Are

Atlanta Majuu Festivals is an exhibition of a myriad of Kenyan-African cultures. Kenyan American Community Church (KACC)  has in the past added to the cultural tapestry that shapes American Society which is increasingly becoming multicultural. KACC has pioneered other Kenya Diaspora in celebrating their cultural heritage with great pride and enthusiasm. For the last ten years, the church has with great passion nurtured and celebrated cultural diversity that is exhibited in the rich Kenya-African culture.

2016 Atlanta Majuu Festivals involve intergenerational artists who will display among others, traditional dances,children and youth cultural fashion shows, booths and huts showcasing Kenyan diverse ethnic groups’ cultures and traditions.  The festivals will inform, educate, inspire and entertain those in attendance even as they mesmerize those who will be experiencing the Kenyan African Culture for the first time.

Dr. GG Gitahi